RPG Meet Dices Multiplayer - Chrome Extension for Googe Meet

Add RPG tools to your session, roll your dices in real time.

With this extension a new sidebar will be added to your Meet sessions.

You will be automatically connected to the other participants and be able to throw dices in real time, chosing from the presets (coin, d4, d6, d8, d10, d12. d20) or choosing any other size of dice you prefer - the other participants will see in realtime what you have thrown.

Custom card for Home Assistant to directly control BLE light bulbs through Web Bluetooth.

Bluetooth interaction can be a real pain in HASS, and sometime you just need to change the color of your cheap light bulbs (Triones, MagicBlue, ...). This custom card comes to the rescue adding a bare-minimum functionality to be able to turn on, off, and change the color.

Webapp to compile Google Apps Script projects written in ES6 to ES5 code and runtime.

Link to the webapp

KEK APP (PWA) is an PWA built upon AMP for the Carmelitan Ecclesial Movement in Latvia (no-profit).

The app provides quickly the needed contents, fetched from various and diverse sources. Contents include:

  • web radio for the live streaming of meetings;

  • readings of the day, fetched from another website and friendly rendered;

  • custom context menu: screenshot button for easy sharing

  • audio archive, fetched from GDrive (password protected)

  • news section fetched from the Facebook's page

  • liturgy of the day from a Google Sheet database

App is hosted on Github Pages and automatically updated through Google Apps Script.

Create poster out of Google Calendar!

Select the calendars, define the dates range, add the information and some nice background, and you have immediately at your availability a neat organized and good-looking poster, ready to be shared.

Fetching and rendering are handled through Google Apps Script. is the official web site of Carmelitan Ecclesial Movement in Latvia (no profit).

But not only: is also a custom-made WYSIWYG website builder/CMS, that dinamically generates a complete website from a Google Drive folder and the Google Documents within.

In this way the content organization is simple (a structure of folder/files), and the generation of contents is easy: just need to create/edit a Google Document, and immediately the website is updated, and well structured in sections!

Fetching of resources and dynamic display is handled through Google Apps Script.

Label Master 2 is a Google Sheet's add-on to print lables out of a table of data, through Google Cloud Print.

Simple as: having a table of contents, selecting the columns that need to be included, deciding the alignment, some few adjustments of padding/margin and we are ready to print thousands of labels without any need of special software or equipment, just a regular printer.

Handling and preparation of data is made with Google Apps Script.

App developed for World Youth Day's event, with possibility to keep updated with the schedule of world youth days for young people of Ecclesial Carmelite Movement (no-profit).

Many contents inside: news, songbook, meditations, useful tools for prayer and much more.App in 5 languages, offline first.

The app was available in iOS and Google Play stores - now removed due to inactivity. Is possible to take a look through the webapp in the link above.

The app is developed in HTML/CSS/JS and encapsuled in the apps through Cordova.